Difference In Africa

A foundation that serves everyone, not just the select few sitting at the top.

Our Work in Africa

We Run 47 Schools

Together with a partner NGO, we fund and operate 47 schools, offering children high quality education and a safe place to stay.

We Run A Community Centre

In Zambia, where children have a safe space to learn and explore. We provide children at our centres with, amongst other facilities, a computer lab, medical and dental facilities and classrooms.

We Tackle Child Labour

We host and fund initiatives designed to combat forced child labour, taking children out of dangerous mines and putting them back into schools.

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We Sponsor Families

So they can afford to live without neglecting their children or forcing them to become child labourers.

We Partner With Governments

To fight corruption and mismanagement. We provide advice, funding and assistance in the operation of educational and other public benefit initiatives, and steer policy towards a more equitable direction.

We Raise Awareness

We raise awareness within our global community on the unique challenges faced by families in Africa, in hopes that kind-hearted individuals like you can pitch in and help out.

Make Giving
Part Of Living

When you give to us, 100% of your donation goes to those in need. Without admin costs, there's more to go around.

Less costs. Bigger impact. Greater Good.

Pitch In For Families In Africa